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The Story Teller Within Me! (In Draft)
There are hundreds, perhaps even thoursands of stories in each of us!  However, the stories that we remember most are those that creaded lasting memory for us. Weather good or bad, we all have huge and powerful stories that we have accumulated over the years.  Unfournately, most of us allow those stories to fade into the bachground of our lives.  That, to me is one of the greatest mistakes of our lives, it for sure would have been in my case.  But, notice, I said would have been.  My stories, as told here are my most precious memories.  They have been as much a factor in my life and my successes, (and they have meen many), AND as I tell them I hope they resignate with you as much as they have resignated with others that we told them too!  Enjoy!
Just so you know!  This is a work in progress!  I will be posting videos here and on Youtube just as fast as I can put them out.  Following is just a couple of stories that will give you a small taste of what to expect in the future (They are all related to what I call "The Power of Positionins":
3rd Grade Class Mate  <> Rabbit Hunting W/My Dad <> Promotion to 1LT US Army

About Me:
I became a "Teller of Stories" early on in my life and to be honest with you I don't think I had much of a choice.  After I carefully looked back at the early years of my life a few different times I began to realized that the only way that my parents, my grandmother and my three uncles ever communicated with me was through the use of stories. 
I cannot say if they communicated with the rest of my siblings and cousins the same way but I do know that, based on what I was told, I had the hardest head of all my siblings and cousins and prehaps they felt that they had to find another way to communicate with me.  I ofter think that they probably sit down one day and all agreed that they would try the story telling approach on me.  A hardy Thanks, to "My Six-Pac", Apparently it worked! 
There were many times when I used my "Story Telling Skills" during my highschool and college days on my friends and others but when I went into the military it was an opportunity for me to take those skills to a whole new level. 
Note that I said that I was a "Teller of Stories" rather than a story teller because I do not tell stories as a way of entertaining, I have alwasy used stories to clearify what I want others to understand about me and most often themselves.  I used stories to help people think more clearly about themselves and the situation.  And most importantly to help them understand what I wanted them to do or not do about a particular situation.  And once I realized how powerful doing this was, I was hooked line and sink!
Following is a short list of stories, (with titles that I assigned to them), that I have told many times over the years.  I called them Q-STORIES because I was always very careful to select the right story at percisely the right time, AKA on Q.  The better I was able to do that the more effective my story was. 
Note: Some of the stories I told was barrowed from others but as you will quickly realized, most were stories I developed over my lifetime based on situations that I found myself in.  I have often wondered why anyone would take the time to journal and yet, when I looked back on my life, I realized that I have been journaling all of my life! My journaling became very active and important to me at Virginia State College, (Now University) when I entered ROTC!  
So there you have it!  What choice did I have.  That's what I learn and that's what was so well ingrained in me that and "Telling Stories" untimately  became my way of communicating!  Thank God for them because they worked extremely well for me in all areas of my life, even as an officer in the U. S. Military and even as a Correctional Counsolar with the California Department of Corrections where I worked exclusively with juviniles.  And most importantly, within my daily life, Whew! 
"the Colonel"
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